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  METRO RPF RESCUES AND UNITES AN 11-YEAR OLD WITH HER GRANDFATHER                                               

ByNE India Broadcast

Oct 30, 2022

On 29.10.2022, a girl and her grandfather were travelling to Dum Dum from Esplanade station at 13:m45 hrs.The grandfather deboarded the train at Dum Dum.But unfortunately, the girl couldn’t deboard the train at this station.  Immediately, her grandfather informed the matter to the on-duty RPF and Station Master and sought their help.

On receipt of this information, a control message was communicated to all the stations. After getting this alert, RPF personnel of all the stations became active and the girl was rescued by the on-duty RPF staff at Noapara station and brought to the Station Master’s Office. The girl disclosed her identity and gave her grandfather’s phone number. Her grandfather was contacted and he came to the Station Master’s Office and identified his granddaughter.After complying with all official formalities, the grand daughter was handed over to him and he thanked the Metro Railway Authority for the kind co-operation.

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