• Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Conrad Sangma led NPP is ready to from a new government in Meghalaya

The Conrad Sangma led NPP is ready to from the government in Meghalaya after it garnered the support of UDP, PDF HSPDP BJP and two independents.

On Sunday, the United Democratic Party and the People’s Democratic Front have extended their support to the NPP-led coalition to form a government in the state.

Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma informed it in Twitter.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma tweeted,”Thank you UDP and PDF for coming forward to join the NPP to form the Government. The strong support from homegrown political parties will further strengthen us to serve Meghalaya and its people.”

Earlier Two MLAs BJP and Hill State People’s Democratic Party announced support for the NPP coalition, along with 2 other Independent.

The strength of the new government in the new Assembly is NPP 26, UDF 11 , HSPDF 2, BJP 2, PDF 2 and Independent 2.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to attend the oathtaking ceremonies of the new Chief Minister of Meghalaya on March 7.

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