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A full grown leopard caged at Inthem Pengree

ByMithun Baruah

Apr 23, 2023 #Margherita

A full grown leopard was caged at inthem, Pengree in Margherita  of Tinsukia district on Saturday night.

Dumaidu Tuyang, a nature-loving youth from Inthem Village, managed to trap the leopard in a cage made by his own hand.

Later after information Margherita east range and west range forest department staffs arrived and rescued the caged leopard and let it go to the nearby forest reserve area.

For a long time the leopard have been terrorising the area by feeding their pets, cows and goats.

Mantu Chetia of Margherita east range forest officer said that we have rescued the leopard from the cage and let it go to nearby forest reserve area.

The residents of this area got relief after the leopard got caged as it was creating turmoil since many days.

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