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Rituparna Das’s new book is coming out soon

All India Radio (AIR) is described as a significant social institution that plays a pivotal role in the practice, preservation, and dissemination of culture. In addition to spreading contemporary knowledge, information, and wisdom, it serves to educate the public as well. In particular, the passage discusses AIR Guwahati as an important institution for the state of Assam, celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The Duty room of a AIR station serves as the central hub for coordination within each AIR station and is endowed with sentimental value. This room serves not only as a functional space but also as a repository of cherished memories, representing the collective experiences of the station as well as the camaraderie among its members. As a result, the duty room is known as a symbol of strength and unity among staff members. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of collaboration and the power of collective effort. As a treasure house, it preserves the institution’s rich history and heritage. This book AKASHIBARTA echoes the fond melodies of the Duty room.

“Akashibarta’ is an anthology of a columns from the Assamese daily newspaper Dainik Assam, written by Rituparna Das. This column includes highlights and unique broadcasts of AIR Guwahati, personal anecdotes from his experiences in the duty room, reminiscences passed down from his superiors, and encounters with prominent individuals during his career. The compilation provides a comprehensive and eloquent historical account of AIR Guwahati, written in a fluid and concise style that seamlessly combines factual information with human emotions. It offers a unique perspective on the experiences of a radio broadcaster in the AIR Guwahati, and provides a window of insight to the times and events that shaped the station. This column is an engaging read for those interested in the history of the station, and an invaluable resource for those looking to gain insight into the world of radio broadcasting.

Rituparna Das’s column may have been discontinued, but he remains actively employed in the same place. Given his skill in capturing the essence of the institution and its history, it is recommended that he continue his literary endeavors by producing another book on AIR that might explore a different format or focus on a distinct subject. As a result, this would contribute to further strengthening the understanding and appreciation of this prestigious organization.

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