• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023


The East West Metro Project, a marvel of engineering, is not only going to reshape Kolkata’s transport map but also redefine the city’s connectivity and accessibility. Spanning under a mighty river, this engineering showpiece is going to become a symbol of progress of the country enabling a seamless and rapid transit experience for the people of Kolkata and adjoining areas.

This project is a testament to meticulous planning and execution which has already drawn the attention of the world. With circular tunnels reinforced with 275-mm thick RCC segmental permanent liners, the East-West Metro tunnels 520-meter below the river is itself very impressive . Much to the delight of the countrymen, it will be operating at a depth of 16 meters below the river bed. The tunnels are symbols of safety and reliability.

This transformation of Metro system is further underlined by the integration of standard gauge, ballast less tracks, facilitating smooth travel at a speed of 80 kmph.

Additionally, the incorporation of primary peripheral grouting and sophisticated water-proofing arrangements guarantee the structural integrity of the tunnels which will ensure a safe and secure passage for the estimated peak-hour traffic of 30,000 commuters.

In terms of efficiency, the project will reduce travel time significantly, with a journey under the river taking approximately 45 seconds. The minimal gradient, including a maximum of 2.94% on approach and 0.3% under the river, will ensure a comfortable and seamless ride of passengers, enhancing their daily commuting experience.

The East West Metro Project’s impact extends beyond mere infrastructure enhancement. It is going to serve as a catalyst for economic growth, promoting development along its route and opening up new opportunities for trade and commerce.

Moreover, this transformative Project will greatly ease traffic congestion, reducing the strain on existing road network and subsequently improving the overall quality of life for Kolkata’s residents.

In conclusion, the East West Metro project stands as a shining example of progressive urban development, highlighting Kolkata’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. As the Project aims to redefine the city’s landscape, it reaffirms Kolkata’s position as a hub of modernization and serves as a source of inspiration for future urban infrastructure endeavors.

Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer,Metro Railway stated this in a press release.

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