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The path I have chosen demands a holistic approach to life.

Tannistha Biswas came to limelight with the character Kusum Kumari in the film HIRALAL by Arun Roy. For this film she bagged two Filmfare nominations. Her second film as lead, Kalkokkho has brought her the Best Actor Award from Boston International Film Festival. Also, this year, it has won the National Film Award in Best Bengali Film category. There are so many interesting works are coming in future.

Excerpts of a conversation with UTPAL DATTA

Good health is one of the major requisites in your profession. How do you take care of that?

Leading a healthy life is a fundamental aspect of any profession. Regardless of one’s career path, prioritizing the well-being of the body is crucial. Personally, I believe that caring for one’s body involves maintaining a balanced diet that primarily consists of homemade, properly proportioned, and nutritious food. It is important to note that carbohydrates are a valuable component of this diet and should not be omitted. To complement my dietary choices, I engage in a variety of activities aimed at keeping me in good physical condition. These include regular walks, yoga practice, and staying adequately hydrated to facilitate the shedding of any excess calories. Additionally, I make it a point to avoid late nights, as ample rest is an essential aspect of overall health and well-being.

You have to feel lots of mental pressure in your profession. How do you make yourself prepare to cope with that pressure?

In any profession, there are inherent hazards and challenges. It is crucial to maintain unwavering faith that even if failure is a possibility, the lessons gleaned from these setbacks will ultimately enable personal growth and improvement. Embracing the concept of trial and error is vital. Dark days are an inevitable part of life, and maintaining patience during such times is paramount. This principle holds true in my profession, just as it does in any other. Regardless of the occupation, a firm belief in one’s ability to achieve their goals can prove impervious to external pressures. Success may require time and perseverance, and there will undoubtedly be failures along the way, but sustaining a positive outlook is a lifeline during these challenging moments. Meditation plays a significant role in bolstering my mental resilience, helping me think more clearly and preventing the weight of mental pressures from taking a toll. I find that self-confidence, coupled with a disciplined approach, effectively keeps stress at bay.

Your profession needs constant mental-intellectual food. How do you acquire those?

As an actor, the cornerstone of my craft is practice. I engage in a variety of activities to refine my skills and expand my horizons. These activities include reading, watching films and theater, and nurturing my passion for music through regular practice. Interacting with like-minded individuals who radiate positivity further enriches my artistic journey. However, one of the most valuable sources of inspiration is the world itself and the people who inhabit it. Observing the world and the individuals within it helps me gain a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, which in turn enriches my intellectual and emotional depth. This understanding is something I eagerly incorporate into my artistic endeavours.
I firmly believe that artists need to maintain a high level of awareness about the world, including its administrative, socio-political, and economic structures. This awareness allows me to remain grounded in reality and to comprehend the broader context within which I operate. Furthermore, self-awareness, encompassing knowledge of who I am and what I aspire to become, is essential. These periodic reality checks serve as guiding stars in my journey as an artist.
For me, intellectuality is not merely about knowledge but the conscious willingness to learn and continually evolve, both as an artist and as a human being. It is a commitment to personal growth and the pursuit of excellence in my craft. The path I have chosen demands a holistic approach to life. Balancing physical health, mental fortitude, and intellectual growth is not only important but indispensable for my role as an actor. These principles provide the foundation upon which I build my career and, ultimately, my life.

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