• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Indigenous women in Manas landscape learn tailoring to explore alternative livelihoods

Aaranyak, a leading conservation organisation, has organised a four-day tailoring training for 11 women of the Himalaya Self Help Group (SHG) at Bhuyapara, Baksa in the Manas Landscape recently. In this way, they will be equipped with tailoring skills that will enable them to develop alternative livelihood opportunities that will eventually reduce their dependence upon the forest and contribute to its conservation.

A well-known skilled tailor from Rupahi Bazar, Kamaluddin Ali, trained the members of the Self-Help Group on how to measure, cut and stitch the blouses and frocks of the members of the Self-Help Group. After the initial demonstration by Mr Ali, the SHG members underwent hands-on practice of all the steps involved in making a blouse and frock under the competent supervision of the trainer, following the demonstration.

“Tailoring training for fringe women empowers them economically, fostering a sense of ownership in forest conservation. By providing skills, these women become key stakeholders, contributing to sustainable practices and biodiversity conservation. This inclusive approach not only addresses gender disparities but also strengthens community involvement, leading to more effective and enduring forest conservation efforts.”, says Aaranyak through a press statement.

The training was organised from 19 – 22 December as part of the IUCN-KFW supported project titled “Securing population of tigers, habitats and biological corridors in Assam, India”, being executed in Manas Landscape, Baksa District. The Aaranyak team was represented by Swapan Kumar Das, Bijay Basumatary and Pankaj Das.

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