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Congress failed to bring security to Assam, failed to curb corruption, failed to usher development: Sonowal

The Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal addressed a party workers meet here today. The meeting was attended by officials and party cadres from Mandals, Morcha, Shakti Pramukh Kendras, Booth committees among others of the No. 92 Naharkatia Legislative Assembly constituency.

The senior leader of the BJP called upon the party workers to work together towards realisation of the vision of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  of a ‘Viksit Bharat.’ Speaking on the occasion, the senior BJP leader, Sarbananda Sonowal said, “Under the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi ji, our country has been on track towards becoming a ‘Viksit Bharat’, an Atmanirbhar Bharat. As party workers, we must ensure that the people of Naharkatia are aware about the various govt schemes launched that delivered welfare to the people. Modi Govt has always designed, conceived and executed schemes with the view that the welfare should reach the last man in the society.

This is the wonderful philosophy of ‘Antodaya’ which has inspired BJP’s policy making thought process. With timely and efficient execution of Modi govt’s many welfare schemes, the quality of life of people has improved considerably allowing them to live a life of dignity. Modi govt is truly people’s government because it thinks and executes schemes that helps and strengthens people of the country. Our schemes are designed with the ultimate objective that none are left hungry, or homeless, or remained in the dark, or bereft from the fruits of the welfare state that we are. We are a country of villages. I am a village boy. The role of villages in shaping Atmanirbharta of Bharat is paramount. It is important that our people in more than 26,000 villages in Assam must understand the role we must play in helping and supporting Narendra Modiji’s vision to make our country the most powerful nation and become Viksit Bharat.” Sonowal also addressed a meeting of party workers of Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) – an National Democratic Alliance (NDA) partner – at Dharamshala here today. Sonowal called for support to propagate the good work done by the double engine government – at Centre and State – among the people of Naharkatia and make them aware about the welfare measures and good done for the people by the Narendra Modi govt. Sonowal urged party workers to encourage people to continue to provide support towards realisation of the vision of ‘Viksit Naharkatia for Viksit Assam for Viksit Bharat.’

Pulling up Congress for their misrule of more than six decades, Sarbananda Sonowal said, “Congress governments failed to deliver security to Assam, failed to curb corruption, and failed to usher development for more than six decades. Nothing could be achieved without a popular movement, be it a bridge, or a refinery, or socio cultural rights of indigenous people of Assam. People were deprived of the welfare that the government schemes were supposed to deliver. Now, under the Modi government, there has been a conscious effort to deliver welfare to the people. Due to the menace of corruption, that flourished under the Congress regime, our government has been able to nip the corruption in the bud. Schemes like PM Garib Kalya Anna Yojana, PM Kishan, PM Awas Yojana, Swachha Bharat, Ujjwala schemes, Jan Dhan Yojana and so many others ensured that the fruits of welfare schemes is delivered to people in full, cutting away the menace of corrupt middlemen. With 15 crores toilets built across the country, known as Izzat Ghar, such novel initiatives has dignified the quality of lives of people. Today, Kishan Shakti is also harnessed as farmers are getting an MSP of ₹2100 per quintal of rice, up from ₹800 per quintal they received under Congress govts. The Nari Shakti is the most important section who has committed themselves to rebuild our country to become an Atmanirbhar nation under Modi .”

Sonowal criticised opposition for their failure to protect the indigenousness and ethos of “Bhoomiputra”, until BJP govt came to their support and provided legal security to their claimant as sons & daughters of the soil and protection of local socio cultural institutions, that remained ignored for years. The Union Minister also pulled up Congress for failing to act against the poachers of one horn rhinos, the pride of Assam. It was only in 2016, when BJP government took charge, that poaching of Rhinos came down drastically, after illegal settlers were evicted from the Kaziranga National Park, Sonowal added.

“Gone are the days when Congress used to raise hollow slogans like ‘Garibi Hatao’ without any sincere follow up actions. Today, under the inspiring leadership of PM Narendra Modi ji, more than 25 crore Indians were pulled out of abject poverty in just a decade, hence proving how inclusive and progressive governance of Modi ji has transformed the lives of people with concrete action against poverty eradication. The opposition, riding on the hollowness of misruled six decades of governance, are pointing out imaginative arguments, which are far away from facts and realities. BJP Govt is working day and night which is why there is development. Democracy is based on Alochana, Samalochana and Samadhan. Any baseless allegation by opposition will fall flat in the court of the people. It is miserable to see that the opposition has to joined hands with Congress to aspire for a position of power, when the same Congress led to the compromise of identity of Assamese. The people of Assam has not forgotten the dark days of Congress and how it betrayed the indigenous interests of Assamese to secure political dividends,” remarked Sonowal.

Sarbananda Sonowal also visited the Namphake Boudh Vihar and prayed for the peace, harmony, good health and prosperity of the people. In the evening, Sonowal opened Day Night cricket tournament in Makum.

The meeting was organised by MLA of Naharkatia, Taranga Gogoi while other senior leaders of BJP like Ashim Hazarika, Jagdish Rajkonwar, Gokul Bora, Mridul Kalita, Ramesh Konwar, Prashanta Gogoi, Hemanta Gogoi, Purnima Gohain among others were also present.

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