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The historic launch of the Assam Rifles Mahila Polo Team took place on May 6, 2024, at Halflong Hall, IGAR (South), in the presence of Ms Anusuiya Uikey, the Governor of Manipur, civil dignitaries, and senior Assam Rifles officials.

The Assam Rifles Mahila Polo Team comprised of six highly skilled women soldiers hailing from Manipur, namely Riflewoman Victoria Oinam, Riflewoman H Pitu Devi, Riflewoman Thangjam Bindi Chanu, Riflewoman Veronica Oinam, Riflewoman Mangangcha Mutum Enourembi, and Riflewoman M Laxmi Devi.

The team was formed through a rigorous selection process in 2023, as part of the Force’s sports recruitment drive. These remarkable women have dedicated the past year to training not only as soldiers but also honing their abilities in Manipuri Polo.

The event witnessed an impressive gathering of esteemed dignitaries from various civil and police departments, local political leaders, sports enthusiasts, NCC cadets, and students from various schools and colleges.

The Governor of Manipur and Director General Assam Rifles, felicitated the players. The Director General Assam Rifles brass band also performed on a musical gala at the venue.

Anusuiya Uikey, the Governor of Manipur, commended Assam Rifles for their efforts in promoting gender equality and fostering regional harmony through sports. Lieutenant General PC Nair, DGAR, emphasized the importance of women in various fields, including sports, and highlighted the performance and excellent sportsmanship showcased by both teams. Major General Ravroop Singh, SM, IGAR (S), noted that the Mahila Polo Team’s initiative goes beyond sports, serving as an inspiration for future generations.

The launch of the Assam Rifles Mahila Polo Team signifies a new chapter in the Force’s history, reflecting its commitment to women empowerment and preserving Manipur’s rich cultural heritage. As these skilled women soldiers continue to make their mark in the world of Polo, they will not only raise the bar for women in sports but also inspire countless others to pursue their dreams and overcome barriers.

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