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Ruining children’s childhood and exploiting students are acceptable but loss in the business of education is not acceptable. When someone is used for two reasons but the second reason is never told to him clearly and openly is also called exploitation in a way, how many times a day does the school tell the children that we are not just selling education to you children we are also increasing the sell of hundred products through you and also using you children in other purposes.

Parents are not worried so much about that what our children will become in future but the education boards and schools are more worried than us for our children, concern is very important in business.

What is education?

The business in which hundred businesses are involved is education. On the strength of education people make different types of policies but just to increase other businesses people made policies in education, people make policies where there is benefit.

If there are ten rules in school education then only two rules are for education and the remaining eight rules are for increasing other businesses.

Education boards do not make rules without government orders and schools do not make rules without the instruction of Education boards. The government has made Education expensive by including other hundred businesses in education.

Education boards apply new new tricks to make the parents spend money on stationary and other products. Their basic mantra is to put as much pressure on children to buy things as possible.

How the education boards came to know that parents have either easy money or money of pimping?
That’s why where a school student should spend three thousand per month to get educated the education board and school force him to spend six thousand.

It is not known how many will get decent jobs after completion of education but every child is paying 12 % to 18 % GST on educational items and the interest rate of fixed deposit in banks is not above 8 %. People spend maximum money on three things, food, clothes and medicine, now one more thing has been added, school education.

A time will come when it will be difficult for children to get education of their own free will and then a time will come when children will be banned from getting education unless children will give money to the education sellers.

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