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Border Security Force (BSF) Commended for Ensuring Smooth and Peaceful Conduct of the Sixth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections in West Bengal

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May 25, 2024 #BSF

On May 25, 2024 – The Sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal concluded today with resounding success, characterized by an atmosphere of tranquility and efficiency, People are seeing praise the BSF for the invaluable assistance in conducting such a peaceful election in West Bengal.

Deploying 394 companies across five districts, including key areas such as Purlia District, Bankura, Pashmi Mednipur, and Purbi Mednipur, BSF played a pivotal role in ensuring the electoral process unfolded smoothly and peacefully. Despite isolated incidents reported in specific booths, notably Jhalidar booth numbers 51 and 52 under Tamluk Constituency, Shal Tora booth number 134 in Ghatal, and Nadigram booth number 119 in Mednipur, the overall conduct of the election remained commendable.

BSF personnel, with their humane approach, extended assistance to elderly, sick, and disabled voters, resonating deeply with the local populace and garnering widespread appreciation. Preceding the polling day, collaborative efforts between BSF and local law enforcement agencies included flag marches and establishing a secure environment at polling stations, instilling confidence among voters and facilitating a seamless voting experience.


The participation of BSF in election security operations underscores a beacon of hope for the people of West Bengal, reaffirming their faith in the democratic processes. The dedication and commitment exhibited by BSF personnel in maintaining peace and facilitating the electoral process exemplify their unwavering allegiance to democratic values.

AK Arya, DIG and Public Relations Officer of South Bengal Frontier lauded the exemplary conduct of BSF personnel during the Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to upholding democratic principles. Their pivotal role in ensuring peace and facilitating smooth voting processes stands as a testament to their commitment to the democratic ethos of the country.

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