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NGOs resolve to sensitise grassroot communities on Assam-Arunachal border on prevention of wildlife crime

 A meeting of representatives of various NGOs from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam has highlighted the urgent need for organising sensitisation and awareness programmes for grassroot communities residing near the fringes of the D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary (Arunachal Pradesh) and the Pabo Reserve Forest (Assam) for prevention of wildlife crimes.

The first-ever such an inter-state NGO level coordination meeting was held in Jonai on June 8 last with an objective of achieving the common goal of tackling wildlife crime along the Arunachal Pradesh and Assam border.


The gathering saw the participation of 22 dedicated individuals from non- government organizations including Aaranyak, Save Pabo Rainforest (SPRF), Jonai, and the Community Surveillance and Monitoring Team (CSMT), Pasighat.

The participants in the meeting unanimously agreed that educating the communities is crucial for the prevention of wildlife crimes such as poaching and illegal trade.

Aaranyak officials Dr Jimmy Borah and Ivy Farheen Hussain attended and deliberated on various topics on deterring wildlife crime in the area in the meeting which was also actively participated by SPRF’s secretary Royal Pegu and president Rajib Pegu and their representatives, as well as CSMT lead from Pasighat, Maksam Tayeng and his team.

The meeting decided to launch two awareness campaigns – one on the Assam side and the other on the Arunachal side of the inter-state boundary. These campaigns are designed to inform and engage local communities about the importance of wildlife conservation and the detrimental impacts of illegal activities (wildlife crimes) on the ecosystem.

Additionally, a comprehensive social survey will be conducted to assess the economic status of the communities living near these two critical wildlife habitats. The insights gained from this survey will aid in developing alternative livelihood programmes, thereby reducing the reliance on activities that harm wildlife.

A key outcome of the meeting was the proposed collaboration between CSMT and the Village Defence Parties (VDP). This partnership aims to enhance monitoring and control measures to curb illegal wildlife trade in the region.

The meeting marks a significant step forward towards coordinated efforts to protect the rich biodiversity of the Arunachal-Assam border region. The collective resolve and strategic planning exhibited by the participants underscored a shared commitment to safeguarding wildlife for future generations.

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