• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Kamrup Metropolitan District Administration cracked down strongly unauthorized and illegal water bottling

The District Administration, Kamrup Metropolitan District has cracked down strongly upon unauthorized and illegal water bottling and packaging plants. Numerous public complaints as well as the findings of a Magisterial Enquiry have brought to fore such practices taking place with blatant disregard for law. Taking cognizance of the fact that such unscrupulous business practices pose a serious threat to public health, the Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup (M), Pallav Gopal Jha, has constituted a Task Force with Circle Officers, Magistrates, Food Safety, GMC and Police Officials to enforce immediate closure of such concerns who are operating without necessary permissions and approvals.

After closing Sure Life factory, Trappist-1, Rhino Aqua and some other unnamed water bottoling factories yesterday, the Task Force today carried out the mandate stringently and a number of unauthorised bottling and packaging plants were served with Closure notices and they were enforced on the spot. Hello Water operating out of Saukuchi, Heaven Dew operating out of Dakshingoan, Pure Aqua operating out of Dakshingoan , Piyasha Drop, Lakhora were served with Closure Notice today by Task Force of the district.

Necessary instructions were also passed on to such operators regarding requisite licenses to be obtained for operating such businesses.

According to the DC, such operations shall continue in full swing till such unscrupulous elements do not desist from flouting rules and till such time they do not operate with necessary license and in proper conditions.


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