• Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Nagaland elected two women’s MLA first time

Hekani Jakhalu and Salhoutuonuo Kruse both from the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party created history when they were elected as the woman to serve in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

Before Hekani Jakhalu and Salhoutuonuo Kruse, no woman was elected an MLA in Nagaland.

Jakhalu was elected from Dimapur 3 and defeated the LJP candidate by 1536 margins and Kruse won from the Western Angami AC constituency and defeated the Independent candidate.

Hekani Jakhalu set up the non-governmental organization YouthNet Nagaland to help the youths of Nagaland pursue business opportunities and Salhoutuonuo Kruse is a local hotel owner.

This year four women candidates contested in Nagaland.








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