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(District – Nadia)

Along with Border security, BSF is always ready to help the Border residents. Such an example was set by the troops of the 86 Battalion BSF yesterday.

The incident took place on 3rd April 2023, in responsibility area of Border Out Post Shikarpur, 86 Battalion, under South Bengal Frontier. At about 0700 hrs in the morning, a villager namely Papan Das (51 yrs), S/o- Biren Das, residents of village Shikarpur suddenly got Heart Attack. His Family members immediately approached to the Company Commander of Border Out Post Shikarpur and sought help. The Company Commander without any delay sent a BSF ambulance along with a nursing assistant and evacuated him to Government Rural Hospital Karimpur for better treatment. The patient’s condition is stated to be stable.

The family members of Papan Das expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Border Security Force and said that if the BSF had not helped at the right time, an untoward incident could have happened.

The Commanding Officer of 86 Battalion stated that along with curbing the crimes on the border, the BSF always remains available for those residing on border in time of their happiness and sorrow, due to which a healthy and cordial relationship develops between the BSF and Border residents.

(Source: BSF)

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