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Large Numbers Of Cultural Activists Celebrated Dhamail Dance In Lala Bazar

Large numbers of cultural activists of Lala Bazar celebrated Dhamail Dance  on 1st May 2023.

The Megha Dhamail Dance at Lala Rural College field on 1st May, 2023 which was organised some local NGOs led by Lions Club of Lala.

More than 1000 performers performed in Dhamail Dance. Large numbers of Manipuri dancer also participated in this programme.

Dhamail, is a form of Sylheti folk music and dance prevalent in the Sylhet region of northeastern Bangladesh and in north-eastern India Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya.

The function was Inaugurated by lightning multi coloured sky lamps, Sankha and Ultddhani followed by mangalik prayer; in the hands of Jintu Bora ACS, Circle Officer Lala.

In the concluding session of this colourful program, certificates of honour was offered to the participants by  Nurul Hussain Mazumder, President of Lions Club of Lala Bazar.

(Photo Courtesy: Shankar Choudhary)

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