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UTS ticket through “dynamic QR” started as pilot project in NFR

ByNE India Broadcast

Mar 21, 2024 #NFR

For the first time in N. F. Railway, train ticket over Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) was generated through dynamic QR at Guwahati Railway Station. This process is being rolled out across all the railway zones of the country and passengers are finding it convenient to grab their tickets through UTS. This is a part of the digitisation initiative with a view to promote three C’s – Contact less ticketing, Cashless transaction and Customer convenience & experience while booking tickets.

Generating UTS ticket through dynamic QR is aimed at eliminating the present cumbersome procedure of using UPI through Virtual Payment Address (VPA). Previously, passengers had to share their UPI ID with the on duty booking clerk to generate a link in their VPA application. After that, using the link in the VPA application, the passenger was able to pay the ticket amount. On confirmation of payment in the booking system, ticket was generated for the passenger.

The new procedure of generating tickets through dynamic QR was rolled out with a view to enhance efficiency in booking & purchasing unreserved tickets, reduce long queues at ticket counters and encourage users to shift to a digital booking procedure.


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