• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Trade license only with conditions: GMC order for Guwahati Beauty Parlours, Spas, etc

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) Commissioner has today issued a strict order; reference entrepreneurs taking up the profession of hair-cutting saloons, beauty parlours, spas, etc. in the city.

It has been undersigned by the GMC Commissioner; and mentions that a lot of complaints have been received from citizens alleging several malpractices in certain Spas and Unisex Parlors.

This, according to GMC, “have been deemed to be detrimental to a civic society”.

For Trade Licenses for Unisex Parlors, Spas, Beauty Parlors and Hair Cutting Saloons; the following conditions have been issued by the GMC:

  1. There shall not be any exclusive rooms or chambers within the premises of the Parlor/Spa/Salonn.
  2. Main doors should be transparent.
  3. There should be qualified therapists in respect of Spas/Unisex Parlors.
  4. Therapy or massage cannot be provided by the opposite sex.
  5. Provision of 1 bvSteam bath may be provided but in no case opposite sex shall assist in any way.
  6. Address and phone nos of persons visiting the aforesaid trade establishments must be maintained.

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