• Sat. May 21st, 2022

CM Dr. Sarma meets representatives of tribal community

Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma in presence of speaker Assam Legislative Assembly Biswajit Daimary today met the representatives of 30 tribal community here and discussed with them different measures to preserve and promote faith and culture of anthropologically indigenous and tribal communities.

            The Chief Minister while interacting with the tribal leaders said, “Assam is a microcosm of a bigger region where people belonging to different indigenous and tribal faith and culture reside since ages. However, as a manifestation of different factors, the younger generations seem to have been losing touch with the ancient faith and practices. He said considering the importance of ancient wisdom of the indigenous tribal faith and culture, his government has taken decision to create a department to work for the promotion of faith and culture of anthropologically indigenous and tribal communities.

            He also said that the department would create an action plan for the State government to enrich the state’s demography and its bouquet of indigenous and tribal culture. The department will essentially undertake deep research and lay strong foundation to achieve its mandate of helping the younger generation to imbibe the virtues of ancient faith and culture.

            Talking to the representatives, he also asked them to register their organizations with the department to enable the government to provide institutional support to the organizations that have been engaging in preservation and promotion of indigenous and tribal faith and culture. He also told them that the tribal communities that are still preserving and practising their ancient religion, faith and culture can also apply for government support through a portal.

            Stating that Assam has rich repository of indigenous and tribal knowledge, Dr. Sarma said that government will initiate adequate steps for their studies by the younger generation so that the society at large gets benefitted. He also said that government in the coming days will also hold a mega exhibition encapsulating in miniature the characteristics, creations, art and culture of indigenous and tribal faith to create more patronage for them.Speaker Assam Legislative Assembly Biswajit Daimary was also present on the occasion.

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