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Indian Army promotes unity and diversity through National Integration Tour for Nagaland students

Our chests swell in pride and respect when we talk about the Indian Army. The glory and the passion of the army go beyond words. The Indian army is a prestigious segment of our nation that has ensured India’s national security, pride, and unity. This organization secures our international border to provide peace to our country from external threats like wars so that the economy of the nation and livelihood of the people remain on track.

On the other side, Army’s National Integration Tour under OP Sadbhavna for the students of North East is also an exemplary instance towards nation building.

By exposing students to different cultures, traditions, and ways of life, these tours serve as a bridge to connect people from various backgrounds, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

As a part of NIT organised by Assam Rifles at the behest of the Army, many students of Modern College of Piphema visited a number of historic places in the western part of India.

Dieccoo Joseph L, student of this College was grateful to Army for conducting this NIT initiative. 

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible initiative by Indian Army & Assam Rifles in organizing the tour for Nagaland students. It is truly commendable that they provided this opportunity for the students to explore various states and cities, allowing us to immerse ourselves in different cultures,” he said.

Asked how was Dieccoo’s journey to Ahmedabad, he narrated-

“During this tour we could learn a lot and experience a lifestyle outside our state of Nagaland.For many of us it was the first time travelling long distances on train.

Our visit to the Sabarmati Ashram was an inspiration for us as we got to learn and know more about the philosophy of Gandhiji”. We got to interact with the children who spent their time at the ashram crafting and making other handi works to earn their livelihood”.

It was definitely a learning experience for all of us .. Dieccoo shared his feelings.

This tour has also taught many of us to enhance our passion in photography as well as videography and we have even learnt various communication skills.The tour experience has further given us immense knowledge about the cycle of life and purpose of tradition and culture.”

“We will be forever grateful to the Assam Rifles for this golden opportunity.”-He added.

Army not only empowered the people of North East but also broadened their horizons.They are really the friends of Hill People.

According to this youngster of Nagaland.

“By facilitating this tour, Army have not only empowered the students to broaden their horizons but also fostered a deep sense of understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultures that will make a better India some day.The exposure to new experiences and interactions will undoubtedly have a profound impact on our personal growth and development.”

Assam Rifles’ dedication touched Dieccoo’s heart.

“Their efforts in organizing such a tour highlight the commitment and dedication of Assam Rifles towards the holistic development of the students. It is through initiatives like these that bridges are built, fostering a sense of unity and harmony among different communities.”

This initiative underscores the Indian Army’s commitment to promoting and strengthening the bonds of unity and oneness amongst citizens from diverse backgrounds.

(With Inputs from Army Authorities)

(Author is a Senior Journalist working for British Media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism)

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