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Indian Army organised a one-day training program called Continuous Medical Education for the troops (CME), paramedics and para military serving in Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh on 4th May 2024.

Indian Army medicos shared their experience on saving lives of troops affected by high altitude illnesses and unpredicted incidents due to adverse weather condition at high altitude terrain.

High Altitude adversely affects the human body and causes life threatening issues to persons working at such altitudes world-over. In Tawang region and elsewhere along India’s Northern Borders those in Armed Forces, Para Military Forces and organisations similar to BRO under various projects like Vartak,Arunank, Dantak, Himank etc routinely face vagaries of weather and terrain.

To enhance the capabilities of the medical persons in dealing with emergency situation due to weather and terrain in the region a training capsule was organised under the ambit of Gajraj Corps.

Apart from the Indian Army medical persons the program was also attended by medical professionals from Para Military and Civilian Administration as well- which shows the excellent jointmanship and coordination between the IA and the civil administration in the region.

Some important aspects of high-altitude illnesses discussed during the program were acclimatisation procedures, physiological conditioning as case study, risk factors investigation on such illnesses, efficacy of traditional approach to treatment and management of cold injuries and various maladies such as Acute Mountain Sickness, High Altitude Cerebral Oedema, High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema, High Altitude Retinal Haemorrhage.

Apart from academic discussions and lectures the event also included practical aspects such as demonstrations on preventive care.

Civil doctors and medical professionals from the CAPFs expressed their satisfaction on getting an opportunity to brush up their knowledge and exchange best practices with the Indian Army. A civil doctor from the region told the reporter that “I am thrilled to gain and share our experiences related to cold injuries and their management at this ground breaking event on high altitude illnesses that too on such remote and isolated location.

Army’s field hospital at remote Senge near Sela Pass enroute to Tawang, the largest medical facility between Jung and Dirang where the joint medical training was conducted, caters to not only the army but also the locals and large number of tourists who travel through to Tawang throughout the year.

Source: PRO Defence Guwahati

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